Cannon Safe S19 Review

Cannon Safe S19 Scout Series Fire Safe, Hammer-Tone Black , Review


The Cannon Safe S19 Scout Series Fire Safe, Hammer-Tone Black is a little different to other gun safes in that it has a unique feature which sets it apart. This is its internal power supply which allows you to keep electronic devices in there such as a camera, hard drive or a computer. This means you can charge your electronic devices while they are safely in your safe, out of sight and safe from burglars. You can also access files on your devices while they are in the safe.

The Cannon Gun Safe also comes with adjustable shelving and is also fire rated. Customers particularly like the lifetime warranty and the door locking system which is comprehensive and includes a unique hinge system for extra security.

Features and Benefits of the Cannon Gun Safe

Capacity - 24 gun capacity is the stated capacity however, this doesn’t necessarily refer to 24 long guns
Locks – these are UL type 1 locks so are tamper proof. They are electronic and powered by a 9 volt battery, one of which is supplied. The main lock is protected by a steel plate consisting of three layers of hardened steel and is impervious to drills.
Internal Locks – there are two relocking mechanisms inside, one of which is attached to the main lock and the other is independent. They both prevent the safe from being opened in addition to the main lock. These are reinforced by steel brackets for additional security.
Hinge System – this allows the right side of the door to close up entirely within the body of the safe. It effectively locks the entire right side of the door rather than just the main door bolt and that side cannot be pried open.
Internal Power Supply – there are 2 x 110V outlets, 1 x USB port and 1 x RJ45 Ethernet connection available inside the safe.
Fire Safe – the safe will have 30 minutes of fire protection at 1200 degrees F so your possessions will remain unaffected.


Adjustable Shelving – You can adjust the shelving inside to meet your individual storage requirements and it’s worth noting the side shelves can be fitted to either right or left.

Specification for the Cannon Gun Safe

Measurements: 60 H x 28 W x 21 D inches
Batteries: Required and included
Item No: S19
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Pros – What’s Great About the Cannon Gun Safe

It has an internal power supply
Good size
Thick steel and heavy
Easy to program electronic lock
Excellent value

Cons – What’s Not so Great

Possible issues with the keypad

Customer Feedback and Reviews
At the time of writing only four customers had left feedback for the Cannon Gun Safe and they rated it with an average of 4/5 stars. Three customers left positive very feedback and the other one left a very negative review. With such a small customer review base, it would be advisable to check with Cannon for further information, just to confirm that the three customers who were happy with the product, had good reason to be. To see what customers had to say, you can read the reviews here.


The Cannon Gun Safe is available from Amazon and if you would like to check the most up to date price for it, you can find it here. Proceeding with caution is advised due to the very small number of reviews.